Why Pro Restaurant Equipment Is Essential

Starting up a restaurant can be a costly endeavor, and the temptation to skimp on restaurant equipment is strong for many would-be restaurant owners. Saving money on restaurant and kitchen equipment is always a good thing of course, but it is equally important to ensure that the equipment purchased is of sufficiently high quality to ensure excellent results and a professional level of service. There are many aspects to restaurant ownership wherein “cost cutting” and “bargain hunting” can be done without detrimental effects in terms of performance and results, but shopping for restaurant equipment isn’t really one of them. Here are some examples of restaurant and kitchen equipment with which well-considered investments will result in significant long-term benefits.

Combi ovens

Combi ovens are mainstays in many restaurants for good reason. Designs that combine the characteristics of several different types of ovens are tremendously versatile and flexible, which are essential qualities for any piece of restaurant equipment. By incorporating convection, steam, and grilling capabilities in a single oven, you also benefit from a smaller footprint and the convenience of a single cooking station.

The benefits of a combination oven become especially apparent as the clientele of the restaurant increases. Investing in ovens that allow the cooking of food in batches gives you the benefit of being able to prepare food during downtime, ensuring a more consistent and higher level of quality. Combination ovens also reduce the stress on the staff during the busier hours of operation, enabling them to provide better service.

Blast chillers

Keeping food sufficiently chilled is essential for preventing spoilage and reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. Blast chillers are ideally suited for this very purpose, with the ability to keep food at temperatures well below 4º C, at which point the risk for bacterial growth increases exponentially. Blast chillers also enable the preparation of food well in advance, after which they can be blast chilled quickly for further preparation and later serving.

Another advantage to having a good quality blast chiller in your kitchen is the ability to save time on food preparation. Because you won’t have to prepare large amounts of food on demand, you can do a lot of the prep work during downtime. This also enables you to ensure a higher quality of food, and it reduces wastage as well.

Food processors

Among the most utilized pieces of equipment in the typical restaurant are food processors. Offering the ability to automate manual tasks, food processors help reduce labor costs as well as shorten the food preparation process. Because they are used so frequently–even constantly–it is especially important to ensure that the food processors you purchase is durable enough to withstand the demands of heavy restaurant kitchen use. This is one area where investing in good quality equipment will pay off significantly over time, so make your investment count by purchasing high-quality equipment.

With the demand placed on kitchen equipment in the typical restaurant setting, investing in high-quality pieces that can deliver consistently reliable results and flawless performance is essential. Although the cost of quality equipment may give you reason to pause, the benefits that you will continue to enjoy for years to come will make it all worthwhile.