July 18, 2024



Misson Statement
Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of soil quality and the biological capacity for sustainable agriculture across Canada, we are one of 8 labs worldwide measuring the biology in soil and promoting the soil foodw eb approach to growing plants commercially anywhere. We integrate our new soil biology lab protocol for measuring soil biology with soil chemistry.

How It Works!
At Soil Foodweb Canada, we encourage the growth of life in soil, setting free currently unused, profit-making potential. By testing the soil and providing a wide range of detailed lab analysis reports, Soil Foodweb Canada can show you which organisms are present in your soil, how many are present, and whether you have the right kinds working to release the benefits latent in your soil.

What Do We Measure?
We measure the biomass and biodiversity of each main group of micro-organisms in your soil:

  • Bacteria – Active & Total
  • Fungi – Active & Total
  • Protozoa – Amoebae, Flagellates & Ciliates
  • Plant, Bacteria, Fungal and Predator Feeding Nematodes
  • Mycorrhizal Colonization (VAM)
  • Leaf Organism
  • We also can test for E.coli, Electrical Conductivity, pH and can perform Qualitative Assessments
  • NOW DOING SOIL CHEMISTRY AS WELL!Soil Foodweb Inc. Founder Dr. Elaine Ingham