Myths About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy used to be very obscure, but this form of alternative medicine has been gaining popularity lately. Naturopathy is a branch of medicine that focuses on lifestyle changes, natural treatments, and herbalism. There is a lot of misinformation and controversy surrounding the subject, but these myths about naturopaths are easily disproven.

Science Does Not Support Naturopathy
The biggest thing stopping people from getting relief from naturopathic medicine is the belief that has no scientific evidence to back it up. This is actually not really true any more though. More and more medical research is starting to examine the effectiveness of naturopathy. For example, medical studies have found that willow bark can reduce pain by lessening inflammation and ginger can cure nausea quicker than anti-nausea drugs. Even some naturopathic alternative cancer treatments have been shown to be mildly beneficial. If you are considering taking a naturopathic remedy, a quick web search can often show you whether or not clinical trials have proved that the remedy works.

Only Hippies Are Naturopaths
Unfortunately, there is a bit of a negative stigma around naturopathy that goes all the way back to the 1960s. Many people make the mistake of thinking that naturopathy is just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo used by goofy beatniks. The reality is very different. Surveys have found that a little over 40 percent of people in North America have tried naturopathic methods for various ailments. More and more research studies are finding that naturopathy can be truly effective.

All Natural Medicines Are Safe
Each year, many people make the mistake of assuming that anything produced naturally from the Earth without chemical intervention is completely healthy and safe. However, naturopathic medicines can be just as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs, so it is important to treat them with caution. For example, some traditional Chinese herbs can actually cause kidney failure if you take too much too quickly. Always thoroughly research anything that you take to make sure that it will not interact with other medications or become toxic at certain doses.

You Should Not Talk to Your Doctor About Naturopathy
Unfortunately, the myth that naturopaths are unscientific has lead many people to believe they should never discuss naturopathic methods with medical professionals. There are actually a few reasons why you should do this though. First of all, your doctor can let you know if the alternative remedy may harm you. For example, certain types of herbs can interact with other medications and increase bleeding risks. Secondly, your doctor may actually be able to help you find a naturopathic remedy that works for your condition. More and more doctors are starting to study naturopathy and alternative remedies, so their advice can be very valuable. For more information, please check out the Sean Ceaser Naturopathic Physcian website.